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IT Support for Berkshire

We can help you get your computer back up and running on-line.

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IT Support in Berkshire

Technical support - Tech Support available for all of your business computing needs whether in an office, a SoHo (small or Home Office) or on the move, Berkshire COmputer Support can support all of your staff needs and keep your business running...

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can help you avoid unexpected costs and keep your business running smoothly with the latest technologies for a subscription payment per staff user. Google G-Suite, Office365 and Xero Accounting are all examples of cloud-based technologies that help you run your business.

Software Support

Softwares are the thoughts and processes that make your computer understandable rather than just being a mystery of 0s and 1s. This is the difference between data and information, data is processed by a computer and information is understood by people. In order to get the best out of your computer system, you need to fully understand it's input and output, not always an easy task!

Network Support

Nowadays everything is part of a network. You have a wireless network at home, a wireless network to connect your mobile devices to, and a collection (probably) of networks in the office. Often in an office there is a public WiFi for visitors to use and a Local Area Network WiFi for your staff. We can help you configure a network to suit your needs!

Systems & Backup

By the term 'Systems and Backup' we are essentially referring to the core operation of your computers and the necessary daily maintenance which will avoid downtime or data loss. Your system runs all of the software you need and keeps all of your files, so it needs to be maintained and backed-up.

Server Support

Servers are network based computing entities that serve data to client computers such as the desktop you operate at work. Servers are the main hub of a network in an office, holding data and processing databases for operations such as accounting suites or CRM packages. Your server needs more maintenance than a normal machine to ensure reliability.

Some of our clients..

Looking for IT support in Berkshire? Let's work together!

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Why Choose Us?

We have been working in the Berkshire area, providing computer support to business for over 10 years and we have substantial experience with desktop computers, servers, networks, the cloud, Office365 and Google Apps. We also clean viruses and secure networks and provide networking services such as VPN and network perimeter security.

Our services allow us to remotely connect as well as visiting your site

We have a dedicated datacentre that allows us to provide bespoke hosting to our clients. Unlike our competition, we can gain physical access to our servers at any time and so provide immediate response instead of forwarding requests to an external datacentre or provider.

Our Solutions

CloudCare systems allows us to track the status of the virus signature files and signatures that help us discover viruses on your computers. Remote control assistance is also a feature that allows issue resolution while your staff are out of the office.
Our email servers and Office 365 allow our customers to use their email and files from anywhere on the globe, with mobile, tablet and laptop technologies.
We can arrange for you to access your local/remote/cloud-based systems from anywhere. Your servers in the office can be securely accessed via the Internet from any of your devices whilst on the move.
Your phone can be remotely secured and monitored from our own datacentre to make sure that your data is kept secure if mishap befalls you whilst traveling.

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