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Free IT Recycling and Disposal for Businesses in Berkshire

Free IT Recycling and Disposal for Businesses in Berkshire

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Our Collections

We offer free IT equipment collections from businesses or public sector sites only and where the volume exceeds 50 items or more. Our free service is our primary service - most collections are free if you are within range of our monthly rounds or unless a significant portion of the items to be collected are expensive to recycle or dangerous to handle etc. Our main objective is to recycle computers by resale or donation to charities, but where this is not possible we abide by strict council regulations regarding the environment and data security that we incur a cost to meet.

We can arrange collection and recycling for a wide range of computer equipment including laser printers, laptops, servers, PC’s, telephone systems, TFT monitors and more.

Data-Wiping and Destruction

All of the hard-disk drives received that are found to be functional are securely wiped by dedicated systems and software that generate their own security certificate to assure that your data cannot be recovered. The system ensures your data is properly eradicated and insures you against any data being recovered subsequently from any of your I.T. hardware disposed of by us.

This ensures all data is wiped to the highest of standards; all our work is carried out in concordance with the data protection act. Our process of data removal involves multiple overwriting with CESG approved software and exceeds both the standards set by the MOD. Our techniques permanently wipe all data from any data storage device regardless of interface (Firewire/USB/Fibre/SAS SCSI/PATA/SATA the software erases all hidden/locked areas on a hard disk including DCO, HPA and remapped sectors. This physical clearing of the disk is consuming but does ensure that all data has been destroyed and is non recoverable. If for any reason the hard disk cannot be accessed or data is proving difficult to wipe the hard drive is then removed and physically destroyed. Our secure data wiping guarantees the total removal of all data and on request the removal of all identification markings including electronic fingerprints or tags.

CRT Screens and Redundant UPS

Because of the environmental cost of recycling certain items , there is a financial penalty to properly dispose of some materials:

  • CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) screens (pre-flat-screens)
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) batteries
  • Large numbers of laptop batteries

When cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors and TVs were still being manufactured, leaded glass from old monitors was used to make new CRT monitors. Each CRT device was made up of between 15 and 90 pounds of leaded glass. As businesses and consumers swapped their bulky, heavy CRT monitors and TVs for flat panel displays, demand for CRT monitors disappeared. Because CRT monitors are no longer produced, responsible disposition of leaded glass from recycled monitors is a challenge. There have been several documented cases of recyclers leaving behind warehouses stacked with abandoned stockpiles of CRT glass, resulting in a liability for local communities and original equipment owners.

Old Laptop Disposal

We will dispose of any laptops or PCs from your business but do bear in mind that if you have a personal laptop or a small number of laptops, you will be able to dispose of these at your local recycling centre free-of-charge. If the laptops are business laptops that require secure data removal then of course we can perform that task for you.

If you decide to recycle or resell a laptop yourself, make sure to:
  • Wipe the disk using proper data removal software - even if you plan to factory reset
  • Make sure you restore the system to the correct version of Windows etc.
  • Be sure to notify the new owner of battery condition etc.

Printers and Printer Cartridges

Printers and printer cartridges can often be recycled or re-manufactured to be used again with new ink. This is of important environmental impact as computer owning households often have an ink-jet printer that uses cartridges. We can collect and recycle printer toners and printers. 24 million homes in the UK have a personal computer and 90% of those homes have printers. The average household uses 2-3 ink-jet cartridges a year and many offices use large numbers of laser cartridges. Only 15% of the 65 million printer cartridges that are sold in the UK are recycled which means the rest end up in landfill sites and this is of huge consequence. Plastic in a typical cartridge can be made from industrial grade polymers and could take to 1000 years to decompose. Recycling printer cartridges is really worthwhile - cartridges can be expensive and re-manufactured printer cartridges can cost as little as 10% of original cartridges despite what manufacturers may claim.

Where e-Waste Goes.

Where possible the items are always resold or donated but when they are truly end of life they are often recycled as component parts - for instance we would recycle the RAM or CPUs or other components for resale or donation where possible and then look to re-use the cases or power supplies with alternative products.

One of the major challenges is recycling the printed circuit boards from electronic waste. Circuit boards contain precious metals - gold, silver, platinum, etc. and base metals like copper, iron and aluminum. Waste can be processed by melting circuit boards, shaving cable sheathing in order to recover copper wire, and open-pit acid leaching for separating more valuable metals. Alternatives such as cryogenic decomposition are under scrutiny when it comes to printed circuit board recycling and other possibilities are under investigation.

Pricing Table

Our prices are calculated based upon non-sale able waste and volume.

Basic PC Collection

  • No CRT (old-style glass) Screens
  • PCs are of acceptable condition
  • Systems are easily physically accessible
  • No old UPS batteries
  • Free from excess dirt
  • Minimum of 50 items
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Complete PC Collection

  • CRT (old-style glass) screens are present
  • CRT Screens represent a significant percentage of the collection
  • Some acceptable PCs and/or computers are present
  • Minimum of 50 items
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Complete System Collection

£9.99/CRT Screen
  • CRT (old-style glass) screens are present
  • CRT Screens represent a significant percentage of the collection
  • No acceptable PCs and/or computers are present
  • Minimum of 50 items
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